Armenian 3D Printer Maker Company Hopes to Elevate IT Sector

3-D printer

3-D printer

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — The founders of the newly Goris-based company involved in the production of 3-D printers have recently decided that their aim is to boost the level of the IT sector of the city. The team comprised of 5 people in 2012 has grown up to a staff of 30 people. “Immediately after the creation of the company in September, 2015 we launched the production of 3-D printers used in engineering laboratories,” Artur Khojabaghyan told “Armenpress”.

According to Khojabaghyan, although the printers are made in Armenia, they are not the authors of the project. Reprap Prusa Mendel serves as the ground of their activity. “We also strive to modify and develop some provisions. Gaining this experience, we also plan to produce our own models,” he informed.

“The main direction of our activity at this point is the production of 3-D printers, but we also want to diversify our activity, as our priority aim is to foster the development of IT sector in Goris. Particularly, we are gathering a team of web programmers,” he added.

“Development and reinforcement of IT sector is the shortest path for Armenia to great achievements,” Khojabaghyan noted, adding that the salary of employers engaged in IT sector is the highest in Goris, exceeding 100 thousand drams.

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