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Armenia chooses Misha — aka Michael Grigoryan — for Junior Eurovision 2017

The “Alien Megastructure” Star named after Armenian astronomer Dr. Tabetha Boyajian

Armenian Genocide film star Isabelle Sadoyan dies at 89

Aznavour to Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Armenian Atlas Reaches $37,500 at New York Auction

New Publication about Diyarbakir: Migirdich Margosyan’s “Gavur Mahallesi” (Infidel Quarter)

George Clooney joins ThePromise campaign

Christian Bale blasts ignorance over Armenian Genocide

Where to Watch “The Promise” In Canada

IMDb users gang up on Christian Bale’s Armenian Genocide movie

Illuminating World War I slaughter of Armenians a vision for Kerkorian

Monumental Book on Khatchkars (Cross Stones) Presented at New York’s Zohrab Information Center

“It was a crazily barbaric treatment” – Oscar winning actor Christian Bale on the Armenian Genocide

Cher criticises UK and US refusal to recognize Armenian Genocide

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian join Cher at premiere of Armenian Genocide film ‘The Promise’

Actor Jason Bateman joins global campaign, endorses “The Promise”

Human Rights Watch ‘thankful’ to ‘The Promise’ film

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling joins Armenian Genocide movie ‘The Promise’ campaign

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