Armenian Government Program calls for 10 percent poverty reduction in 3 years

Armenian Government Program calls for 10 percent poverty reduction in 3 years –



On Monday at an extra sitting, the Government of Armenia government approved the 82-page program introduced by the new government (installed last month upon the appointment of Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan). The program now goes before the National Assembly. 

Armenian deputy PM, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan in his report reflected on the program saying that with its implementation during 2014-2017 the government intends to reach high rates of economic growth with a five percent increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The program also calls for an increase in the minimum wage, and a 10 percent reduction in poverty.

The major parts of the program reference creating wages of fair compensation, where business and investment environments are of significant importance, agriculture and villages will be under specific attention, more support for the IT field, tourism and a number of other directions.

“Various programs will be realized towards protection of state administration, territorial administration, development of taxation and customs systems, competition. In its activities the government will also consider the factor of Customs Union’s processes,” said the deputy PM.

Armenian PM Abrahamyan said that opinions of all political powers, ministries and departments at the NA were taken into consideration when preparing the program.

On Saturday four non-governmental-aligned powers of parliament had a closed meeting after which ANC faction leader Levon Zurabyan told reporters that the opinions of the political quartet are quite similar, thus on the voting day they will have a joined position, however he didn’t elaborate on it.

Earlier on Kentron TV Prosperous Armenia Party head Gagik Tsarukyan said: “There is a new PM, a new government. Let’s see what programs they bring, how much their steps coincide with their programs and promises, let’s see what they do to improve people’s lifestyle. There are problems that can be solved in a month or two, let’s see if they turn to it or not. If the situation doesn’t change, if people’s lifestyle doesn’t improve, if people’s complaints aren’t heard, it means we need more serious changes in the country. The new government is appointed. I don’t know whether we should give 100 days, 200 days, this is a trial, but it’s a trial not only for the government, but for many, I’d say for all of us.”

Political analyst Sergey Minasyan, Caucasus Institute deputy director says that there’s little if anything the opposition can do to influence the new government, as the existing government is, itself, the result of a weak opposition.

“The fact that we have this PM and these ministers means that the government doesn’t and won’t pay due attention to the opposition, not until the new government creates as much tension in the public as the one before did. If there is no internal or external emergency, then I don’t expect any interesting development till autumn,” Minasyan tells ArmeniaNow.

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