Quebec National Assembly members commenorate The Armenian Genocide

Horizon Weekly – A half-page anouncement commemorating the Armenian genocide has been published in Horizon Weekly newspaper. The six sponsors of the announcement are members of the National Assembly of Quebec. The sponsors are Francine Charbonneau (Députée de Mille-Îles), Guy Ouellette (Député de Chomedey), Jean Rousselle (Député de Vimont), Jean Habel (Député de Sainte-Rose), Monique Sauvé (Députée de Fabre), Députée de Fabre (Député de Laval-des-Rapides)

As early as 1980, the Quebec National Assembly and the Ontario Legislature, which together represent 60 per cent of the Canadian population, both officially recognized the Armenian genocide and asked the Parliament of Canada to also do so on behalf of all Canadians.

in April 2004, Bill M-380 was passed in The House of Commons of Canada by a margin of 153-68. It was introduced by Bloc Quebecois and seconded by the Liberals, the NDP and the conservatives.

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