IUSY Condemns Azerbaijan’s Ethnic Cleansing Policies, Reelects Sarineh Abrahamian as VP at 2023 World Congress

The International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) World Congress 2023 was recently held in Panama from June 22-25. The congress, which takes place every two years, saw the participation of over 300 delegates from more than 70 countries.

Throughout the congress, the presidium presented their comprehensive two-year report, while the assembly made critical decisions regarding the future activities of the international organization and conducted elections for a new executive body. Representing the ARF youth delegation were Hasmik Burushyan and Sarineh Abrahamian, who also holds positions as an ARF member and Vice President of IUSY.

One of the key highlights of the congress was the presentation and adoption of resolutions, which held significant importance. Thanks to the concerted efforts of ARF Youth, a resolution was successfully adopted, recognizing the self-determination rights of the indigenous Armenian people of Artsakh, and vehemently condemning the implementation of ethnic cleansing policies by Azerbaijan. In addition, IUSY called for the opening of the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor and an immediate end to the blockade imposed on Artsakh.

However, an application for full membership from the CHP Youth organization of Turkey was declined due to their stance on issues such as the Armenian Genocide, the self-determination of Artsakh, and the rights of Syrian refugees and the Kurdish minority in Turkey. Furthermore, during the congress, a new presidium was elected, and Ungerouhi Sarineh Abrahamian, the ARF Youth candidate, was re-elected as Vice President of IUSY.

Expressing her gratitude, Sarineh stated, “Being re-elected to the IUSY presidium is both an honor and a responsibility. IUSY provides an influential international platform to foster connections with other political organizations and advance our national interests. The achievements of ARF Youth during this congress serve as a resounding message that we are at the forefront of our national struggle across all sectors.”

It is worth noting that the International Union of Socialist Youth is the youth organization of the Socialist International, boasting a membership of over 163 organizations from more than 110 countries, with the ARF holding a full membership status.

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