Interview with Canadian Armenian Mayor Sue Foxton

Nazeeg Haneshian, correspondent of Southern Ontario of Horizon Weekly, had the opportunity to meet with Her Worship, Sue (Sahagian) Foxton, Mayor of the Township of North Dumfries.

Mayor Sue Foxton who was recently reelected for her second term as Mayor, grew up in Galt (Cambridge).  After the Armenian Genocide, her grandparents (from Galt and Brantford) played an active role in welcoming those who escaped the Armenian Genocide, into their homes.

In the interview, she explains how service has naturally been a part of her identity, just as her parents and grandparents.  Through the difficult chapters of history, resilience has been a predominant part of this Armenian Woman’s identity.

She addresses the significance of purpose and perseverance, and ensuring we always create environments of tolerance and mutual respect.

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