ARS Canada and its 10 chapter donate USD15,000 to Armenians in Lebanon

Given the economic hardships and the lockdowns as a result of COVID19, Armenian Relief Society Inc. and its regions across the world have made an appeal to their chapters, their members and all Armenians to provide financial assistance to Armenians in Lebanon.  Lebanon continues to drown in an economic and political crisis and ARS Inc. is here to help!

ARS Canada and its chapters have worked closely with their members and as a result successfully raised USD15,000 to help provide one of the three initiatives to help our compatriots in Lebanon.  These donations will help support one of these 3 initiatives: 1) Hope Package for $150, which provides a family in need with a box of groceries, 2) Care Support for $250, which provides individuals in need with nutrition, medication and other basic needs and 3) Hot Meal Program for $500, which sponsors a meal for 150 people.

Our work is not done yet and our appeal continues.  We ask our members and other Canadians to help support this initiative by making a donation to this worthwhile cause.

We thank all of the donors who despite the difficulties we are all facing today everywhere have made a donation to help those in need.

If you would like to donate, it is not too late.  Here is the link to the ARS Canada’s Canada Helps website.  When you make your “Lebanon Relief” donation, you will immediately receive your tax deductible receipt.

ARS Canada Executive Board

May 25, 2020

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