ANC Netherlands submits claim to Dutch Parliament on Armenian Genocide issue

Dutch-Armenians have submitted a claim regarding the Armenian Genocide issue to the Parliament of Netherlands, Masis Abrahamyan, chairman of the ARF Armenian National Committee of Netherlands  (ANC) told ARMENPRESS, who has just completed a meeting with the chairman of the foreign relations committee of the Parliament.

“We were received by acting chairman of the foreign relations committee Pieter Omtzigt, who often speaks for the benet of the protections of our interests. Representatives of all parties were present at the meeting. We presented our claim. Our main issue is that lately the Netherlands has adopted a strange policy for us – using the genocide issue word instead of genocide. This is painful for us. We mentioned how wrong this policy is. It is due to this policy that today Turkey has an even tougher stance for Netherlands. The fact that the Dutch were saying let’s not hurt the Turks, let’s not say the genocide word, in our belief backred”, he said.

The claim will be discussed and responded soon.

Abrahamyan is hopeful the government will display a turnaround attitude and will call things by their names. A commemorative week of events will be held by the Armenian community of Netherlands dedicated to the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. A large demonstration will be held on April 22 in Amsterdam.

Abrahamyan said large numbers of Armenians participate in the events since the 100th anniversary. An agreement has already been reached with local law enforcement and the streets where the demonstration will pass through are claried.

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