Memory of Holocaust and Armenian Genocide victims honored in Yerevan

ARMENPRESS reports President of the Jewish community of Armenia Rima Varzhapetyan said during an event dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide.

“On January 27 the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Soviet troops on January 27. Over 2 million people were killed in that camp. The monument to the victims of the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide was created so as that terrible history is not forgotten and is transferred to the next generations. Unfortunately, today fascist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic demonstrations are again rising, but the Jewish community feels safe in Armenia”, Varzhapetyan said.

MP, Head of Armenia-Israel parliamentary friendship group Gagik Minasyan is convinced that one day Israel will also condemn and recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“In many countries of the world the Holocaust victims are remembered and that memory is inside us. All of us live through that memory. The two words written on the monument “To live, Not to forget” is the slogan with which it’s necessary to struggle against such phenomenon. Crimes not condemned by the humanity can have great negative potential. If countries do not condemn crimes against humanity, they can be repeated. Each nation should understand that they have the debt to remember not only their grief, but also the grief of others. By sharing the grief of each other we can exempt the humanity from such crimes in the future. I am more than convinced that once the Jewish people will condemn and recognize the Armenian Genocide”, Minasyan emphasized.

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