Head of Police of Armenia Meets with Deputy Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario Matt Torigian

(Police.am) – On Wednesday, January 30 Head of Police of the Republic of Armenia Valeriy Osipyan received Matthew Torigian, Deputy Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services of the Canadian Province of Ontario and acting Head of Police Initiatives at Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy.

Expressing gratitude for warm reception, Matthew Torigian presented their programs and initiatives with the participation of law enforcement agencies from different countries. A regular one is to be implemented soon with the participation of Armenian law enforcement officers, including the Police. The program aims to make fight against corruption more effective, as well as to develop community policing. Matthew Torigian emphasized that the program gives the law enforcement agencies of different countries an opportunity to develop professional knowledge, which will surely be applied in practice.

The RA Police Chief expressed readiness not only to cooperate, but also to support. Valeriy Osipyan informed the guest that a systemic and long-term fight against corruption has started in Armenia, therefore the professional anti-corruption activities are extremely important. The Police Chief emphasized that countering corruption is one of the priorities of the current police activity. The Chief of the Police of Armenia presented Matthew Torigian with the measures taken to develop community policing, highlighting the presence of community policing in the districts and strengthening community policing-citizen communication.

Issues related to the upcoming programs, as well as issues of mutual interest were discussed at the meeting.

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