Blackmails of Erdogan’s foreign ministry

Blackmails of Erdogan’s foreign ministry –

Turkish government’s gross intervention in Bulgaria’s internal affairs blackmailing Bulgarian communities across the border on the issue of the Armenian Genocide is a laboratory case of what is due to happen on a massive scale and throughout Europe should Turkey become a full-fledged member of the European Union. This is why Turkey will not be a member of EU.

Time and again, the Turkish regime confirms the fact that Turkey does not belong in Europe. Its hostility to the fundamental values of the European society is a lasting barrier raised by Turkey itself throughout the centuries of Ottoman oppression, which Erdogan’s regime proudly pledges allegiance to.

Will the Bulgarian municipalities back down and give in to Turkey’s intimidation campaign? Will Bulgaria allow Turkey to dictate policy to Bulgarian municipalities on such moral issues as the Armenian Genocide? I don’t think so. But the EU needs to be more directly supportive of Bulgaria in this controversy and more pro-active than it has been. In no uncertain terms, it needs to warn Turkey of in-kind retribution if Turkey does not roll back its stupid blackmail and leave the Bulgarian communities alone.

Garo Armenian

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