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Armenian Genocide App –

On April the 24th 1915, hundreds of Armenian intellectuals – writers, poets, doctors, and lawyers – living across the Ottoman Empire were rounded up by Ottoman soldiers and executed.

In the following months, an elaborate plan of mass extermination drafted by the Young Turks was to be realized. When the dust settled, two thirds of the Armenian population had perished by direct killing, burning, drowning, gassing, or starvation on death marches. Millennia old cities and villages were wiped out, and an entire civilization was eradicated from its lands.

On April 24th of every year since then, descendants of survivors of this Genocide remember a beautiful country that once was, generations that are never to be, and try to raise awareness about the dangers of racism to all.

The Armenian Genocide app is a reference tool to raise awareness and teach about the first Genocide of the 20th century. With maps, a detailed timeline, quotes, survivor accounts, historic dispatches and news reports, the app provides an immersive experience of one of the most important human rights issues of history.

– Four interactive maps: plan of the Genocide, demographics before and after, destruction of cultural monuments, and treaty borders. Throughout, relevant place marks are linked to Wikipedia.
– A timeline of events at three levels of details, linked to the map and Wikipedia.
– Historic quotesdispatches/telegramsnews reports.
– Survivor accounts.
– Add your voice to the discussion of the topic by commenting and tagging a world map.
– Resources for further reading on the topic: books, documentaries, websites


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