The first book on the Greek Genocide in Armenian

The first book on the Greek Genocide in Armenian –

The first book on the Greek Genocide in the Armenian language Attempts to highlight the rich history of the Greek communities which existed in the former Ottoman Empire, communities which were slowly destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century, and completely destroyed by 1922-23, has widespread interest particularly amongst the younger generation. 

Third and fourth generation youth whose relatives were refugees from these lands, are eager to learn the history of their ancestors. But they have not restricted themselves to learning just the basics when it comes to the issue. In other words just about the folklore. To them, ancestry doesn’t just mean culture, theater, music, architecture and cuisine. It doesn’t just mean the history of Ancient Hellenism, Byzantium and the Greek spirit. To them, it also means education and the bigger picture – the genocide.

The worldwide emergence of the issue of the genocide has resulted from efforts to preserve the historical and cultural identity of the Greeks of the former Ottoman Empire, and from efforts by human rights activists around the world. 

Aside from presenting the historical facts related to the genocide, this new publication presents the key arguments which prove that genocide was committed on the Ottoman Greeks. 

The book, the first ever published in Armenian, has been produced in order to strengthen the resources available on the genocide committed on the Greeks by the perpetrators – the Neo Turks and the Kemalists. 

It is a substantial and symbolic contribution towards the recognition of the Greek Genocide in Armenian, the language of 1.5 million people who were also victims of genocide by the same perpetrator. This common fate of the Greeks and Armenians at the beginning of the 20th century has today become a common struggle towards recognition, vindication and closure.

THE GREEK GENOCIDE: Thrace - Asia Minor - Pontus
Theofanis Malkidis

Translation: Techmine Martoyan
The Armenian Genocide Museum ` Institute

Yerevan - Armenia 2014

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