‘We will enter spring of 2018 without Armenia-Turkey protocols’ – FM Nalbandian

ARMENPRESS – Armenia will enter the spring of 2018 without the Armenian-Turkish protocols signed in Zurich, foreign minister Edward Nalbandian said in his speech at the Greek foreign ministry.

Speaking about the Armenian-Turkish relations, he reminded it was the initiative of the President of Armenia to start the normalization process with Turkey that resulted in the conclusion of the Zürich protocols in October 2009. However, up to now, those documents have not been ratified, since Turkey came up with groundless preconditions that run counter to the letter and spirit of the Protocols.

“These documents cannot be held hostage forever and that is why the President of Armenia declared in September from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly that Armenia will declare the Protocols null and void since they continuously lacked any positive progress towards their implementation and we will enter the spring of 2018 without those Protocols.”

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