Should military actions resume, Armenian army will attack: Defence Minister

PanARMENIAN – The Armenian Armed Forces are not going to enter into an arms race and are acquiring ammunition that will help neutralize the ambitions of the adversary, Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan told Public TV on Monday, February 25.

“Neither quantitatively nor demographically nor economically can we be equal to them [Azerbaijan]. That is why we must focus on quality. We are making purchases that will enable us to neutralize the ambitions of the rival,” the Minister said.

Asked whether he was referring to the SU fighter jets that Armenia is in the process of acquiring from Russia, Tonoyan said “including the SUs.”

As to whether the aircraft cost a lot, Tonoyan said “we will find effective solutions to restrain and defeat the rival.”

He said the Armenian army is also acquiring attacking weapons.

“The psychology is changing, the approach is changing as armies that are always defending themselves are always losing. That is why we are not going to defend alone. In the event of resumption of military actions, we will not hesitate,” the minister said.

Asked whether the army will attack too, Tonoyan said, “Why not?”

With the new Russian loan worth $100 million, Armenia will purchase ammunition that will give an opportunity to solve certain issues without entering into arms race, he said. The type of the ammunition in question remains a secret though, the minister added.

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