ANCC-WR Meets with Conservative MP Kenny Chiu to discuss war on Artsakh

On October 29th, Armenian National Committee of Canada – Western Region representatives Vahakhn Bedrossian, Khajag Garabed, Hagop Agopian, Rafi Chapanian and Hagop Deragopian, along with community members Gayane Asatrian, Karine & Arevik Soghomonyan, and Shake Hovhannisyan had an intense meeting with MP Kenny Chiu (Steveston- Richmond East).

The members described the very serious situation in Artsakh as a result of the month old war perpetrated by Azerbaijan, fully supported by Turkey.

They also told heart-wrenching stories of their loved ones caught in the war, men in active combat duty and women, children and the elderly evacuated for safety.

They told MP Chiu that the Conservative party must do everything in its power to condemn Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s actions, and to work towards a verifiable ceasefire and peace.

MP Chiu was quite aware of the situation, having discussed it in the Conservative caucus, and agreed with the delegation that:

  • There can be no more weapons sales to countries like Turkey & Azerbaijan
  • Artsakh has a right to Self-determination
  • The Conservative party is working for peace

MP Chiu was also concerned about Turkey under President Erdogan turning more Islamist and expansionist and destabilizing the whole region.

He agreed that the genocidal threat to the people of Artsakh is real and being taken very seriously.

He promised to deliver our concerns to his Conservative colleagues, including Foreign Affairs critic MP Michael Chong, and International Development and Human Rights critic MP Garnett Genuis.

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