Armenian Companies Plan to Introduce Armenia’s IT Industry to Europe

Representatives from Armenia's IT industry meet with the IT Development Support Council (Source: Government of Armenia)

Representatives from Armenia’s IT industry meet with the IT Development Support Council (Source: Government of Armenia)

YEREVAN (ARKA)—The IT Development Support Council met on Wednesday with government officials, where a program entitled “Armenia’s international recognition orbit: European motor race of IT companies,” was submitted. Chaired by Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, the Council plans to bring together representatives from 60 Armenian companies for the program, which they plan to take to Europe.

In the framework of the program, an Armenian delegation will be hosted in 23 European cities, including Brussels, Berlin, Marseille, Warsaw, Prague, and Sofia, where they will meet with the representatives of more than 100 companies and public agencies.

The program seeks to introduce Armenia’s innovative potential and opportunities in the IT sector, explore new markets in order to develop new partnerships, master European expertise, and raise awareness of Armenia’s IT industry. The program is expected to kick off this fall and last some 45 days. Prime Minister Abrahamyan welcomed the initiative and highlighted the successful implementation of the project.

Wednesday’s meeting also addressed the training of qualified IT professionals, including the design of improved training mechanisms and opportunities for IT managers. The domestic IT industry stands in great need of highly skilled professionals and, therefore, coordinated and purposeful efforts should be made in universities and IT companies.

During the discussion, the participants shared their opinions, suggestions and observations, based on international experience and existing capabilities.

Abrahamyan ordered the set up a task force comprised of representatives from public agencies, the private sector, as well as university specialists in order to develop recommendations and an appropriate action plan.

The Council noted several upcoming event and programs in the IT industry, including the annual ArmTech conference, taking place on October 12 in Armenia and on October 14 in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the Digitec Expo 2015, the Business Innovation Forum, and the presidential award ceremony for outstanding contribution to global IT industry taking place this fall

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