Etyen Mahcupyan and the Genocide

Etyen Mahcupyan and the Genocide –

Etyen Mahcupyan is now a top adviser to PM Davutoglu and his words must be weighed carefully.

His counsel to both Turkey and Armenia seems very clear: “Take care of the emotional during this year of the Centennial (of the Genocide) and leave the complicated political issues to future years when important changes could occur.” Speaking to the world press, Mahcupyan is certainly not addressing his superiors. He is addressing Armenia and the Armenians in the Diaspora.

He is also trying to “appease” the curiosity of the world opinion. Yet the key sentence in this article is the one referring to Russian-Turkish relations…”Moscow could play a role”! Why just Moscow? In principle, the whole world (including Russia) should play a role in getting Turkey to come to terms with the Genocide of 1915.

But that’s not what Mahcupyan seems to have in mind. Russia’s role in this case could seemingly target Armenia and the Armenians…To do what? Tame the zeal of the Armenians? Russia is too smart to get in the middle of this painful issue. Mahcupyan should turn his attention to the leaders of Turkey only. They are the ones who could make a real difference in this case. The choice is very clear. Turkey must move forward this year by openly and unambiguously recognizing the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian People.

Garo Armenian

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