Cypriot Leader Calls for Cooperation Against Turkish Policy

President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Yiannakis Omirou, speaking at the Armenian National Assembly in Yerevan

YEREVAN—In a speech given at the Armenian Parliament on Wednesday, the President of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus, Yiannakis Omirou, called for cooperation between Armenia and Cyprus to confront and oppose Turkish policies aimed at harming both countries.

Omirou hailed Armenia’s and Cyprus’ close ties and noted the importance of the historical Armenian community in Cyprus.

“The mutual support of our two countries is based on firm bases, and it has been hardened with joint struggle against the common enemy torturing our peoples until now, as well as on the basis of common values and principles, to which we adhere,” Omirou said in his speech.

Omirou thanked Armenia for its years of support for Cyprus and the Cypriot people’s struggle to reunify their country and free it from Turkish occupation. “We are aware of the price that you pay for your support, and we are thankful for that,” Omirou said.

Omirou criticized Turkey and pointed out a lengthy list of Ankara’s abusive actions and countless violations of international laws and customs.

The Cypriot lawmaker also called on Europe to confront Turkey about its actions rather than encourage it. He voiced his opposition to any prospect of Turkey joining the European Union in any capacity.

“Despite the complications caused by Ankara, Cyprus and Armenia should intensify bilateral relations, unite their forces in international organizations, and use the levers of Cypriot and Armenian Diaspora in the decision making instances, forming a common front against the policy of Turkey,” Omirou said. “In the name of the members of the House of Representatives and my name, I express full readiness to work in that direction.”

“It is possible that Armenia and Cyprus are not powerful countries, but our inflexibility is justified,” Omirou said in his concluding remarks. “No force can make our peoples bow. In harder conditions, we have survived and prospered. Fighting for freedom and justice, the Armenian and Cypriot nations have unwavering will, and that is unshakable.”

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