«50 PLUS»: The initiative launched in numerous communities in the Diaspora gives new impetus to the Global Armenian Mobilization of Resources

Last night, the Hayastan All Armenian Fund launched the #50PLUS Global Armenian Initiative, which has already gained significant momentum in Armenian communities in Western Europe and the US and has involved thousands of supporters. 

This is a new phase in the already strengthened links between the Homeland and the Diaspora. The initiative aims to further encourage support of the Fund’s projects on a more permanent ongoing basis with monthly donations. Donors are encouraged to select the Monthly or Reoccurring Donation option on the Fund’s or its partner and affiliate organizations’ websites and register to donate $50 or €50 or any other currency and become a part of the #50PLUS Global Initiative.

If 1 million Armenians donate just $50 a month, that’s $50million a month or $600 million a year. The regular flow of these funds will ensure the rapid implementation of numerous humanitarian projects and facilitate long term planning and solutions to numerous strategic issues. The availability of these funds will allow the Hayastan All Armenian Fund to have a rapid response program and resolve any unforeseen challenges in both the Homeland and Diasporan communities. 

“Now, when millions of Armenians are standing as one and our voice is heard, is the time to consolidate our Global Armenian resources. Each voice makes a difference. #50Plus is how we ensure a self-sufficient, stable and lasting Homeland” Haykak Arshamyan, Executive Director, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

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