VIDEO: Kurdish PKK militants kill 7 Turkish soldiers in brutal ambush

AMN News – Armed militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have carried out a deadly ambush against soldiers of the Turkish Army, killing seven in total. The attack took place in the mountainous landscape of Turkey’s Şemdinli region well over two weeks ago on June 14. The disclosure of footage and information on the ambush has only been released by the PKK’s media wing in the last day.

The video below shows seven unsuspecting Turkish soldiers patrolling a terribly narrow path anchored along a steep mountain side. PKK militants initiated their attack by opening fire on the lead soldier with an RPG (or possibly a recoilless rifle) – stunning the patrol group and instantly forcing a rout – and then preceded to mow down the fleeing soldiers with a high volume of machine gun fire. The entire engagement appears to have ended within about 30 seconds of starting and it appears to have resulted in the total annihilation of the Turkish Army patrol group.

The PKK militants carried out this attack from a position of extreme advantage: they held the high-ground, had the element of tactical surprise and engaged the Turkish soldiers from disguised positions at a moment of their choosing. The Kurdish gunmen who participated in this ambush have likely relocated themselves since the time of the engagement and the releasing of its details on social media.

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