Two villages near Shushi cleared from Azeri raid teams

The Defense Army forces of Artsakh have secured two villages east from Karin Tak (a village few kilometers from Shushi) by clearing the areas from Azerbaijani raid teams, the Armenian Defense Ministry representative Lt. Colonel Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Factor TV.

Lt. Colonel Hovhannisyan said the Defense Army reconnaissance units found a large Azerbaijani ammunition depot and an Azerbaijani sabotage raid team’s camp was destroyed with precision artillery strikes.

Speaking about the Azerbaijani military tactic of attempting to advance using sabotage teams, the Lt. Colonel said: “It’s difficult for them to advance in the open front, for several days we saw how they wanted to breach into Martuni in the direction of Fizuli, they failed, and they don’t want to go for a direct clash, that’s why they are taking sabotage actions by trying to bypass and advance with small groups. This contains both political PR and military significance. The military one aims to spread panic and cut the communication line, while the political one – Aliyev seeks to put a flag on another settlement for his PR.”


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