Richard Hovannisian’s Kharpert volume published in turkish

From Istanbul.– Aras Publishers has announced the publication of Harput, the third volume in Turkish translation

from the UCLA Conference series on Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces, organized by Professor Richard G. Hovannisian

between 1997 and 2009


The original English language volume is titled Armenian Tsopk/Kharpert, consisting of fifteen chapters

on various aspects of the region’s history from antiquity to the years of genocide and final expulsions

to 1930.


Volumes previously published in Turkish by Aras include Van and Bitlis ve Mus, and the publishers announce the intent to

translate successively all fourteen volume in the series for the Turkish-reading public.


Richard Hovannisian stated: “I am deeply gratified that the fourteen volumes growing out of the UCLA conferences

and published in English under my editorship by Mazda Publishers in the United States are now being made available in Turkish

by Aras Publishers in Istanbul. I regard this as a significant and hopefully positive development.”

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