Prime Minister Pashinyan meets with the first group of Armenian de-miners and doctors who completed humanitarian mission in Syria

(Armradio) – Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today met with the first group of Armenian de-miners and doctors that carried out humanitarian mission in Syria.

The Prime Minister thanked them for the successful completion of mission.

“In February this year the Armenian government made a very important mission of sending humanitarian mission to Syria, which sparked a lot of discussion including on domestic and foreign policy and geopolitics,” the Prime Minister said, emphasizing that the mission was purely humanitarian.

He further noted that the mission could be considered truly historic, because, he said, “it is our national respect and tribute to the people of Syria who gave asylum to our compatriots who survived the Armenian Genocide.”

Nikol Pashinyan said the Armenian de-miners have cleared an area of 27,510 square meters, provided therapeutic treatment to 626 citizens and carried out 1,067 clinical-laboratory tests.

He stressed that ensuring the security of Aleppo Armenians and the Armenian cultural heritage is an important part of the mission.

“This is also a symbol of the fact that the Republic of Armenia is the owner of the Armenian cultural heritage not only in the Republic of Armenia, but also outside its borders,” Nikol Pashinyan emphasized.

He hailed Russia’s  support to the mission and praised a recent UN letter to the Armenian Defense Minister, in which the United Nations expressed gratitude to Armenia for the mission in Syria.

The firtst gorup of Armenian specialists left for Aleppo on February 8. A second group left for Syria on June 16 and will carry on with the mission for the coming four months.

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