MLA Jordan Sturdy met with ANCC -WR chairman Jack Agopian and community member Gabe Korajian

Today, ANCC Western Region chairman Jack Agopian and community member Gaby Korajian met with British Columbia Member of Legislative Assembly Jordan Sturdy discussing the Upcoming BC elections .

The ANCC chairman briefed Mr. Sturdy about the war in Artaskh and asked him to convey a message to his BC Liberal colleagues and to send a message to the federal government to intervene and discussed the 3 key points of the ANCC.
1. Condemn Azerbaijan and Turkey as the aggressors in the conflict.
2. Indefinitely halt all arms sales to Turkey. Prosecute sale of Westcam targeting sensors to Turkey.
3. Support Artsakh’s right to self determination by recognizing Artsakh.

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