French President Macron addresses condolence message: Aznavour’s masterpieces will continue to have a long life

French President Emmanuel Macron has made a condolence post on his twitter microblog, Macron wrote that Aznavour’s masterpieces will continue to have a long life.

“Deeply French, viscerally attached to his Armenian roots, recognized throughout the world, Charles Aznavour has accompanied the joys and sorrows of three generations. His masterpieces, his timbre, his unique shine will continue to have a long life”, Macron wrote.

In a separate post, Macrron said he had invited Aznavour on a journey to Yerevan for the Summit of la Francophonie, where he was to sing.

“We will share with the Armenian people the mourning of the French people,” the French President said.

According to Reuters, President Emmanuel Macron was a big fan of Aznavour and sang many of his songs during karaoke nights with friends when he was a student, according to former classmates.

Charles Aznavour, 94, died overnight at one of his homes in the southeast of France.



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