Fighting stops on Armenia-Azerbaijan border with Russia’s mediation

Panarmenian – Fighting has stopped along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border under an agreement reached with the mediation of Russia, The Armenian Defense Ministry reports.

The situation is currently relatively stable, the authorities said, adding that the Armenian side possesses confirmed information about the death of one serviceman – Meruzhan Harutyunyan (b. 1991). The concrete number of fatalities and injuries is still being clarified, the Defense Ministry said.

“The enemy has sustained major manpower losses in the Armenian side’s retaliatory measures, several armored vehicles have been destroyed,” the Defense Ministry noted.

Azerbaijan launched a new provocation in the province of Syunik, shelling the Armenian positions and using artillery and armored vehicles. Authorities have already confirmed deaths and injuries among the Armenian army personnel. Although the Defense Ministry has not provided a specific number of deaths and injuries, it has revealed that the Armenian side has also lost two positions in Syunik, while 12 soldiers have been captured.

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