FIDE World Chess Cup Final: Aronian – Liren 1-1

(Tbilisi) – Game two of the World Chess Cup 2017 Finals was a tense affair. Ding Liren’s opening idea was swiftly neutralized by Armenia’s Levon Aronian with black. It seemed as if the players would agree to a draw around move 30 mark, and call it a day. But Ding went wrong and the moment he did that Aronian started turning the screws on the position. Before you knew it, White had landed in a completely lost position. It was only through a miracle that Ding escaped.

The second game of the final match of the World Cup finished in a draw after 5 and half hours of play.

Format of the finals

The finals of the World Cup 2017 has a different format from the other rounds. Instead of the usual two classical games, we will witness four. And in case of a 2-2 tie, the match will go into the tiebreaks on 27th of September. The first two games have ended in draws. The winner takes home USD 120,000 (net 96,000) and the runner-up receives 80,000 (net 64,000).

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