FAR continues its emergency relief programs in Armenia

Fund For Armenian Relief (FAR) continues its emergency relief programs to ensure vulnerable people can overcome stressful time with the rise #COVID19 that crept across our country in March of this year.

Last week, 385 beneficiaries included in our Education and Social Programs received food and hygiene packages, which will help them get through this #coronavirus pandemic for a month.

Apart from the emergency relief programs, FAR has also awarded additional 81 scholarships to students in need who were on edge ahead of exams because of the tuition.

Beneficiaries involved in the FAR’s COVID-19 Education and Social Programs are;

✔️Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program [#CASP] families from Syunik and Gymuri provinces;

✔️Gulamerian Foundation Scholarship Program students;

✔️Orphans from Vanadzor Orphanage, “Mer Doon” NGO in Echmiadzin, “Sabine Small Group House for Children in Vanadzor” etc.;

✔️Beneficiaries of the Social Assistance to Orphans and Syrian-Armenian Youth in Need Program;

✔️Orphan/parentless students receiving FAR’s “Anoush Mathevosian” Scholarship.

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