Dr. Arsene Basmadjian Receives 2019 Canadian Society of Echocardiography Annual Achievement Award

(Horizon Weekly) – On October 25, Canadian-Armenian Dr. Arsene J. Basmadjian was awarded the 2019 Annual Achievement Award by the Canadian Society of Echocardiography (CSE). The Canadian Society of Echocardiography Annual Achievement Award recognizes Canadian cardiologists who have made significant contributions to echocardiography in terms of leadership, teaching or research.

Dr. Arsene J. Basmadjian has made significant contribution to the field of echocardiography in Canada for over two decades. Since 1999, he has been a cardiologist and echocardiographer at the Montreal Heart Institute, as well as a supervisor to residents and fellows studying echocardiography. He is Professor of Medicine at Universite de Montreal and has been a member of the Montreal Heart Institute Heart Valve Team since its conception in 2005. Imaging and treatment of valvular heart disease and echocardiography for guidance of transcatheter procedures are the main areas of interest and research for Dr. Basmadjian.

Dr. Basmadjian served as Chief of Echocardiography and Non-invasive cardiology at the Montreal Heart Institute from 2006 to 2014. In 2013, he founded the Universite de Montreal Area of Focused Competency in Adult Echocardiography program and was its director until 2017. He was a member of the Canadian Society of Echocardiography executive board from 2010 to 2017. He has been a Fellow of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (FCCS) since 2016. He is the Quebec Governor of the American College of Cardiology and President of the Association of Cardiologists of the Province of Quebec.

Dr. Basmadjian strongly believes in the importance of leadership, teamwork and in advocacy for quality training and high standards in echocardiography.

CSE Achievement Awardees

  • 2019 Arsene Basmadjian, Montréal
  • 2018 Margaret Barrie, Ontario
  • 2017 Chi-Ming Chow, Toronto
  • 2016 Ian Burwash, Ottawa
  • 2015 John Jue, Vancouver
  • 2014 James Tam, Winnipeg
  • 2013 Zion Sasson, Toronto
  • 2012 David Bewick, New Brunswick
  • 2011 Jeffrey Smallhorn, Edmonton
  • 2010 Philippe Pibarot, Qubec
  • 2009 Bibiana Cujec, Edmonton
  • 2008 Trevor Robinson, Toronto
  • 2007 Anthony Sanfilippo, Kingston
  • 2006 Gary Burggraf, Kingston
  • 2005 Lise-Andree Mercier, Montreal
  • 2004 Israel Belenkie, Calgary
  • 2003 Kwan Chan, Ottawa
  • 2002 Bodh Jugdutt, Edmonton
  • 2001 Derek Boughner, London
  • 2000 Eldon Smith, Calgary
  • 1999 Jean Dumesnil, Quebec
  • 1998 Harry Rakowski, Toronto



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