Azerbaijani armed forces shot dead 4 civilians in Artsakh, Hadrut

The Azerbaijani armed forces killed 4 civilians in Hadrut town of Artsakh on October 10, ARMENPRESS reports Human Rights Defender of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan said in a press conference on October 11.

‘’Yesterday, following the ceasefire agreement, an Azerbaijani sabotage group infiltrated to Hadrut town, according to some information, together with mercenary-terrorists. They terrorized the population, burned down houses and killed some civilians. Yesterday we had information about to civilians – a mother with her son with disability, who were shot dead.  A while ago we received information about two more civilians – Never Grigoryan and Artyom Mirzoyan who were also killed. The first two civilians were killed in their house, which means that they just invaded the house and shot them dead’’, Beglaryan said.

Artsakh’s human rights Defender noted that the young person with disability had been shot numerous times, also the Azerbaijanis fired at his hand palm, which gallows to assume that he either tried to protect himself by stretching his hand or showed that he had no arms, but the Azerbaijanis fired at his hand.

‘’This was an act of terrorism, war crime and we have to clarify the circumstances and make sure that the criminals are punished’’, Beglaryan said.

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