Armenian woman of Georgian nationality stabbed to death in Turkey

(Armenpress) – The Georgian foreign ministry has confirmed that a georgian citizen, 51 year old Anna Safaryan was killed in Turkey. The woman was murdered in downtown Demre, a town in Antalya province.

Anna Safaryan was stabbed multiple times late afternoon on September 10. She succumbed to her wounds in a hospital, Sputnik reported citing Turkish media.

”The investigation is led by the Turkish side. After relevant procedures the ministry will take actions in accordance with the law regarding the transportation of the victim’s body”, the Georgian ministry said in a statement.

The assailant had fled the scene. The suspect was later arrested. He was identified as Mesut Ozkan, 44. The suspected killer was intoxicated at the moment of arrest.

According to the killer himself, he and Safaryan knew each other well, and the murder is money-related. He had lent 117 dollars to Safaryan and was requesting the debt to be re-paid for a long time.

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