Armenian lavash on CNN’s list of World’s best breads

(Armradio) – The CNN has included Armenian lavash in it list of the 50 of the world’s best breads

“When your Armenian mother-in-law comes towards you wielding a hula hoop-sized flatbread, don’t duck: Lavash is draped over the country’s newlyweds to ensure a life of abundance and prosperity,” the CNN writes.

“Maybe that’s because making lavash takes friends,” the author concludes.

To shape the traditional breads, groups of women gather to roll and stretch dough across a cushion padded with hay or wool. It takes a practiced hand to slap the enormous sheets onto the inside of conical clay ovens, where they bake quickly in the intense heat, the article further elaborates.

The CNN also reminds that the bread is so central to Armenia’s culture it’s been designated UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

Lavash is a traditional thin bread that forms an integral part of Armenian cuisine. Its preparation is typically undertaken by a small group of women, and requires great effort, coordination, experience and special skills.

A simple dough made of wheat flour and water is kneaded and formed into balls, which are then rolled into thin layers and stretched over a special oval cushion that is then slapped against the wall of a traditional conical clay oven. After thirty seconds to a minute, the baked bread is pulled from the oven wall.

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