Armenian Diaspora Survey in Montreal: Only 8 Days Left to Share Your Views About Identity, Culture and Community!

The Armenian Diaspora Survey’s (ADS) activities in Montreal is coming to and end and hundreds of Montreal Armenians have already participated in the community-wide survey! If you have not done so already, you have until October 30 to fill out the questionnaire and share your views about culture, identity and community (see below to know how). ADS is a research project on public opinion in Armenian diaspora communities around the world lead by a team of academics, researchers and experts.
By filling out the questionnaire, you are contributing to the first-ever effort to gain a better understanding of the Armenian diaspora and its communities. The results of the survey will be made public through the publication of a report in 2020. Your answers will remain anonymous. For more information, please consult ADS’s Frequently Asked Questions and Privacy Policy.
You can fill out the questionnaire online ( You can also fill it out on paper by showing up at Saint-Gregory the Illuminator Church this weekend. The ADS Team will be at the Annual Bazar, on October 26 & 27, from noon to 3 PM. You can help ADS’s efforts to ensure wide participation by forwarding this email to your friends and family currently living in Montreal.
For information, please contact the Survey Manager, Raffi Yeretsian at (514) 655-6120.

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