Armenia Seeks Advanced Drones, Missiles from India to Boost Defense

Armenia is actively expanding its defense procurement strategy by seeking advanced drones and medium-range surface-to-air missiles from India. This move is part of Armenia’s broader efforts to enhance its military capabilities and secure its airspace.

According to the Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW), Armenia has already acquired the Akash 1S system and is considering additional acquisitions. The potential purchases include the Indo-Israeli MR medium-range air defense systems and the Akash NG air defense systems.
Armenia’s procurement of the Akash 1S system marks a significant step in its defense strategy. The Akash 1S is a sophisticated air defense system capable of shooting down aircraft at distances of up to 30 kilometers. This system provides reliable protection against air threats, enhancing Armenia’s air defense capabilities. However, media reports indicate that India has not yet started delivering the Akash 1S system to Armenia, with deliveries expected to begin next year.
In addition to the Akash 1S, Armenia is showing interest in two other advanced systems: the MR-SAM and the Akash NG.
  • MR-SAM: Developed as a collaboration between India and Israel, the MR-SAM (Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile) is already in production. This system is designed to provide robust air defense capabilities and is seen as a reliable option due to its established production line and immediate availability.

  • Akash NG: The Akash NG (Next Generation) is an upgraded version of the Akash system. It offers enhanced capabilities and is currently awaiting orders from the Indian army. However, its availability may be delayed by 2-3 years due to pending domestic orders.

Armenia plans to conduct thorough technical evaluations of both the MR-SAM and Akash NG systems after receiving the Akash 1S. This evaluation will ensure that the selected system meets Armenia’s defense requirements and provides the best possible protection for its airspace.
Based on initial assessments and the established production line, the MR-SAM appears to be the preferred option for Armenia. The IDRW sources indicate that its immediate availability and proven production capabilities make it a more attractive choice.
Armenia’s decision to diversify its defense procurement strategy by including Indian missile systems reflects a strategic move to enhance its military capabilities amid regional threats. By securing advanced air defense systems, Armenia aims to bolster its national security and ensure robust protection against potential threats.
This procurement strategy also shows Armenia’s efforts to build stronger defense ties with India, leveraging India’s advanced defense technology to meet its strategic needs. The collaboration between Armenia and India in the defense sector is expected to deepen further as both countries explore additional opportunities for cooperation.

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