‘Armenia is repaying historic debt to Syrian people’ – Pashinyan on dispatching humanitarian mission to Aleppo

ARMENPRESS. Armenia has sent a humanitarian mission to Syria proceeding from its sovereignty and historic mission, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in parliament today during concluding remarks of the governmental action plan’s performance report.

“If our medic has saved the life of a person there whose grandfather has in 1915 helped one of our compatriots who survived the Armenian Genocide, given them a piece of bread or a glass of water, I find that we are repaying our historic debt to the Syrian people. If in a de-mining zone, where children are running and playing, our experts are clearing 100 square meters of area for the grandchildren of those people who at a time had given refuge to our compatriots who survived the Armenian Genocide, I think this is a historic mission that we are carrying out in Syria. Does this mission have risks? Of course it does. But does this really increase Armenia’s sovereignty and international subject matter? Yes, it does,” Pashinyan emphasized.

He said the humanitarian mission in Syria is a morally, humanly and politically correct mission.

Armenia dispatched humanitarian de-miners and medics on February 8 to Aleppo, Syria.


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