ARF Youth Launch “Towards Syunik” Program

Following the latest war and aggression on Artsakh, Azerbaijan continues to spew threats and make territorial claims against sovereign Armenian regions including Yerevan, Lake Sevan, and especially the Southern province of Syunik.
Without Syunik, the geographical backbone of Armenia, our statehood would face utter collapse.
It is the responsibility of our youth, especially the youth of Syunik, to strengthening the resilient spirit of the people of Syunik, to combat Pan-Turkic ideology, and to struggling against the defeatist policies of the Armenian authorities.
At this juncture of our national struggle for survival, the worldwide ARF Youth and Student organizations will mobilize all of their collective energy to launch the “Towards Syunik” program. This program will aim to:
֍ Utilize local and international platforms to fight for Syunik’s security and sustainable development through activities related to politics, international affairs, and public relations;
֍ Launch youth camps in order to strengthen the patriotic spirit of local youth in Syunik;
֍ Organize a conference where research and policy proposals will be presented regarding the challenges facing local youth in Syunik;
֍ Establish community youth centers in the Syunik province;
֍ Implement the “Verelk Program” aimed at developing professional skills and capacities of local youth;
֍ Plan special missions to Syunik for youth from Armenia and the Diaspora.
The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau Youth Office calls on all committed youth to take part in this important work and to direct our efforts “Towards Syunik.”
ARF Bureau Youth Office
Yerevan, July 22, 2021

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