ANCC Western Region Representatives meet with Kurdistan Regional Government Representatives

         ANCC Western Region Representatives meet with Kurdistan Regional Government Representatives

       On Wednesday, November 30th, ANCC Western Region Chairman Vahe Andonian  and representative Hagop Der Hagopian met with Kurdistan Region representative Mr. Rebeen Jamal Hasan, Canadian Kurdish community leader Mr. Azad Palani. and visiting guest from Kurdistan Mr. Dara Faraj.

 During the introductory two hour meeting in Surrey, BC, ideas were exchanged  to start cooperation between Armenian-Canadian and Kurdish-Canadian communities on issues of common interest.

Possibilities and steps discussed included:

– Promoting economic and educational  cooperation between the Republic of Armenia and Kurdistan.

– Continued cooperation in Genocide Education

– Rebuilding war-torn Christian churches and Armenian community centers in Kurdistan.

– Cooperating in other areas where there are common objectives.

 The parties agreed to continue dialogue and idea exchange and planned for future meetings and collaboration.  

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