Trump adviser linked to Turkish lobbying

Trump adviser linked to Turkish lobbying –

The Turkish government’s connection to retired general Michael Flynn’s client was first reported by the Daily Caller. | Getty


Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and a close advisor to President-elect Trump on national security affairs, who just last week appeared in The Hill openly advocating in support of Turkey, has now been pushed aside by the Trump Transition Team as “problematic”. His ties to foreign governments, and specifically to the government of Turkey, have been disclosed by the press. According to Washington Post this morning, Flynn concealed from the Trump campaign the fact that “his consulting firm has financial ties to that country”, meaning TURKEY. Lt. Gen. Flynn was being considered for the top post in US national intelligence. With the ethics baggage he is now considered to be carrying, the Trump people are convinced that he will be unable to get confirmed by the Senate.

Flynn’s chances for a top administration appointment notwithstanding, it is abundantly clear that Turkey’s lobbying offensive in Washington is now in full swing. Flynn’s clumsy move for an early cash-in simply unveils Turkey’s high-level bid to gain influence in the new administration. Be sure that Azerbaijan is right behind Turkey in this sinister endeavor. It’s the time of foreign agents and interventions by foreign governments in America’s foreign policy. Beware Mr. President-elect! This, too, is part of Washington’s “rigged system” that you need to watch.

Garo Armenian

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