Canadian Armenian Visual Artists—Nane’s Vision

Canadian Armenian Visual Artists—Nane’s Vision –

By Movses Dzirani

Photo caption: Gomidas by Silva Khacherian

 In ancient Armenian mythology Nane was the daughter of Aramazd, the god of gods, and she was the goddess of sense and sound judgment. Her holy land was situated in Til Avan, which was situated beside the temples destroyed by St. Gregory the Illuminator.

 The name NANE adopted by visual artist Silva Khacherian may seem randomly chosen, but in fact it is directly conjoined to her creative spirit. Her art (whether sculpture or painting), which is abstract-expressionistic in nature, is filled with the artistic inspiration that is channeled into her work. It’s not coincidental that she favors writers and poets (like Vasken Shushanian, Goryun Shahinian, Vahakn Karakachian) whose work lean towards the visual arts.

 Nane was born in Lebanon during the crisis of the country’s civil war, which would leave a mark on her artistic creativity. After graduating high school she was admitted to Haigazian University to study accounting. However, unable to restrain her passion for creativity, she simultaneously attended the Hamazkayin Toros Roslin College of Arts, where she cultivated the art of sculpting.

 In 1992 she moved to Canada to reunite with her parents and attended Concordia University in Montreal, where she received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor’s in Art Therapy. During her studies there she participated in several exhibitions and received a medal for “Best Artistic Work.” Later she pursed a Master’s in Art History.

 She continues to pursue her artistic ambitions and has participated in a series of art exhibitions organized by a group of Quebec-based artists, one of which was displayed in the Musee des Maitres du Quebec.

 Nane is committed to her art, which is filled with symbols that enrich, express and sometimes even directly defend human values and human rights. The symbolism of agony, elucidation and revelation can be felt in her work. The styles, shades of color and strokes are generated by the momentum of her subconscious mind that are transmitted onto the canvas as either a vision of contemporary art or a state of psychological distress.

 Translates By Christian Garbis


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