Fighting monopolies: Armenia’s economy minister determined to go ahead

Fighting monopolies: Armenia’s economy minister determined to go ahead –

Tert – Armenia’s Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan is surprised his work is being criticized as he is “number one champion” of struggle against monopolies.

“I have talked to reporters on many occasions, if you want to cooperate, let us cooperate. But do not put obstacles,” Mr Minasyan told reporters on Wednesday as he commented on his call for cooperation with mass media.

As to a statement by Levon Zurabyan, head of the parliamentary faction of the Armenian National Congress Party (ANC), that struggle against monopolies is one of the 12 points in the election program of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) and Mr Minasyan is well informed of who are monopolists in Armenia, the minister said:

“This representative of a political force has shown his political incapacity. But no matter how harsh their criticism is, I will go ahead,” Mr Minasyan said.

He is not going to turn amateurish statements into a government policy.

“I will act and fight against monopolies,” he said.

As to the deadline set by Armenia’s premier, Mr Minasyan said:

“The deadline set by the premier is enough for us to outline new tasks. We must act.”

Armenia has invited international organization to cooperate.

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