3 Armenians from 3 Countries Participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2016

3 Armenians from 3 Countries Participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 –

Armedia – Singer Iveta Mukuchyan represents Armenia at Eurovision 2016. She performed in the first semi-final on May 10 with the song “Love Wave”. The song has been composed by Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan, and Iveta wrote the lyrics alongside Stephanie Crutchfield. The video is co-pruducted by The first public television channel of Armenian and German company BLACKSHEEP Communications.

It is interesting to note that Iveta Mukuchyan will not be the only Armenian in the contest. Georgia will be represented by Armenian Nika Kocharov (frontman) and his group Young Georgian Lolitaz. It should be noted that two of the three band members are also Armenians: Giorgi and Dima Hovhannisyans. At the contest, they will perform the song“Midnight Gold”. Nika Kocharov is Valery Kocharova’s son, who is one of the pioneers of rock music in Georgia and the founder of the “Blitz”, known in the Soviet Union with their covers on the Beatles.

Ukraine’s representative Jamal (full name Susanna Dzhamaladinova) is also an Armenian on her mother’s side (father is a Crimean Tatar). Jamala began studying music since early childhood. From the musical point Jamala was raised by arranger Gennady Astsaturyan who from childhood taught her to jazz. On the “Eurovision 2016” Jamala will perform song “1944”which has already become the subject of various disputes.

Three Armenians from the three countries will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest and according to initial estimates, they will pass to the final. The Armenian Diaspora of course cannot remain indifferent to his compatriots. We wish them success and good performances. May win the best…!

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