Canadian Parliament Debates ISIS, Armenian Genocide

Canadian Parliament Debates ISIS, Armenian Genocide –

Ottawa – Conservative MP Jason Kenney launched Friday Question Period Time in the House of Commons with a continuation of prodding the Liberal government on why it hasn’t recognized the actions of the terrorist group ISIS as genocide.

Foreign Affairs minister Stéphane Dion said that there’s a need for an international process first.

Kenney called it “legal pettifogging.” He said the House has previously recognized the Armenian genocide without international judicial process, along with other genocides.

“We don’t have time to wait for lawyers, Mr. Speaker. We don’t want to give ISIS the benefit of the doubt in a judicial process.”

Dion said that’s why the government has “improved the plan to fight ISIL.”

“Canada is more and more involved in a more effective way with our allies to be sure that we win and this terrorist group will stop its atrocities.”

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