Sicily Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Sicily Recognizes Armenian Genocide – 

Armradio – The Regional Assembly of Sicily became the 105th local self-government body in Italy to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

In a resolution unanimously adopted by the Assembly on April 20 the lawmakers express their solidarity with the struggle of the Armenian people aimed at recognition of the historic reality.

The resolution calls on the Sicilian regional authorities and the national government to support the events aimed at recognition of the Armenian Genocide and disseminate information about historic facts for the sake of peace, democracy and the right of peoples of self-determination.

The measure was authored by MPs Cordaro Salvatore, (D’Asero Antonino, Papale Alfio and Grasso Bernadette Felice.

The Sicilian Regional Assembly is the legislative body of Sicily. While it has a long history as an autonomous region, the modern Region of Sicily was established by Royal Decree on May 15, 1946, before the Italian Republic. The Regional Assembly has the widest legislative power in Italy and is the only regional assembly to have the title of “parliament” whose members are called “deputies” like those in Rome. Ninety deputies are elected every five years in the nine provinces.

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