Basque Parliament condemns Azeri aggression against Nagorno Karabakh

Basque Parliament condemns Azeri aggression against Nagorno Karabakh –

Armradio – The Basque Parliament has adopted a statement, condemning the recent Azerbaijani attempts to solve the Karabakh conflict in a military way.

The statement was adopted unilaterally by all political forces represented in the Parliament.

The statement notes that on 2 April 2016, Azerbaijan unilaterally launched an unprecedented attack along the entire line of contact with Nagorno Karabakh. This attack has caused dozens of deaths, including four civilians, one of them a child.

The Basque Parliament shows its deep concern at the breakdown of the ceasefire in force since 1994 in Nagorno-Karabakh and expresses sorrow for the victims that the attack has caused.

The Parliament welcomes the resumption of truce the two sides announced on April 5 and hopes it will be respected.

The lawmakers demand to implement an international mechanism for investigation of border incidents proposed by the Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

They reject the use of force to resolve the conflict and call on the parties to take practical steps to immediately cease military actions and withdraw the troops to the positions held prior to April 1, 2016.

The Basque Parliament also supports the need to return to the negotiation process mediated by the Minsk Group of the OSCE where Nagorno Karabakh must have a place, as already agreed this Parliament.


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