Genocide Scholar Mihran Dabag Awarded ‘Saint Mesrop Mashtots’ Order

Genocide scholar Mihran Dabag with Aram I Catholicos. (Source: Armenpress)

Genocide scholar Mihran Dabag with Aram I Catholicos. (Source: Armenpress)

YEREVAN(Armenpress) — Genocide scholar Mihran Dabag was recently awarded the “Saint Mesrop Mashtots” Order by Aram I Catholicos of Great House of Cilicia. The award ceremony was attended by members of the National Council of the Catholicosate and the Armenian National Committee.

Director of Armenian National Committee of the Middle East Office Vera Yacoubian presented the biography of Dabag, his activities, and his publications.

Aram I Catholicos mentioned in his speech that all people, Armenian or foreigners, that have had a contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and compensation, as well as recovery of fair rights of Armenians are beloved and valued people. “It is of particular importance that Mihran Dabag is employed in a German universities, considering Germany’s role in the Armenian Genocide, as well as that county’s influence in European and international structures,” Aram I said.

Dabag expressed gratitude to His Holiness, stating that the medal is of great symbolism for him, especially since how important the Great House of Cilicia is to the Armenian people.

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