Film About Syrian Armenian Family Presented at Prague ‘One World’ Festival

Film About Syrian Armenian Family Presented at Prague ‘One World’ Festival –

Panorama – The 18th edition of the largest human rights Prague film festival ‘One World’ has launched, and 123 feature and mid-length documentaries from 62 countries have been submitted so far. The film by Aleppo director of Armenian descent Avo Kaprielian “Houses without doors’ was presented to the festival as well, ‘Kantsasar’ newspaper said in a post on its Facebook page. 

The festival kicked off on March 7 and will be open until March 16.

The film is about the life of an Armenian family amid clashes in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated Nor Gyugh district. The film shot with a small camera depicts local residents confronting hardships. A parallel between the Armenian Genocide and the current sufferings of the Syrian people is drawn in the film.

To remind, last month ‘Houses without doors’ was presented at Berlin International Film Festival – Berlinale, receiving a positive feedback from various international circles. The film was covered by international media as well.

According to the source, ‘Houses without doors’ was screened on March 11, 13 in Prague and is scheduled to be presented again on March 15. 

Avo Kaprielian, 1985, graduated from Haykazyan Armenian School and Armenian seminary. Later he graduated from the Theatre and Cinema Department of Damascus University. After returning to Aleppo, he started lecturing at Aleppo Aqqadi Institute of Theatre and Arts.

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