Interview with Diana Angelson, Director of ‘Armenia, My Love’

Interview with Diana Angelson, Director of ‘Armenia, My Love’ –

By Vahram Emmiyan

Romanian-American writer, actor and director Diana Angelson is the writer and director of the feature film “Armenia, My Love” which is about the Armenian Genocide that is set to Premiere on April 15th, 2016, at Laemmle Theatres, in Los Angeles. The film is about the destiny of a happy Armenian family, living in Turkey, in 1915, whose beautiful dreams will become memories in the eyes of the most famous Armenian American artist, who lives to paint the story of his shattered childhood.

Diana Angelson gracefully accorded the following interview to Horizon Weekly:


– When did you decide to make a feature film to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide? And why?

The idea that the history of Armenia and the Genocide of the Armenian people, the first Christian nation on Earth- is not taught in Romania, a sister Orthodox country, was very troubling for me, so in 2014, I decided I wanted to make a film about 1915, that would be the metaphor of an entire people that lost everything, that was on the brink of extermination, but through Faith and Hope, managed to keep its seeds intact and 100 years later, to be stronger than ever.

The fact that all my friends in Los Angeles were Armenians, infused me with the strength to write this film, then produce, direct and star in it.


 – What inspired you to do that by focusing on a particular family’s story?

 Again, this is not one particular story, it is the 1.5 Million people’s tragic story. 


The one man, Tigran Orbelian, represents the Armenian Man, the man that lost everything, but survived. They tried to crush him, but he got up, they tried to bury him and his memories, but he gave life to sons and grandsons and the memories and the Truth of 1915 have stayed intact and have been transmitted from generation to generation, so we never forget!

And here I am identifying with the entire Armenian people, even if I’m Romanian.


– Now that the film is completed, what are your thoughts, your feeling and expectations?

 I am very happy with the film and extremely grateful for all the help I received from Saint Leon Armenian Cathedral, the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, all my talented actors, my amazing crew, people that dedicated many days to make this thing possible.


– What are your plans for the future?

 I will tour the world with “Armenia, My Love” and I will teach others about this. It is important for me that the American public get familiarized with the first Genocide of the XXth century. 

In May I’m starting production for another Christian film, “Immigrant Priest”, then a biographical film, “Le Plus Bel Homme du Monde”, (in Africa), then a movie about Romania and the Holocaust, “Road of Love”, then “Mamma Anna”, another biographical movie.

Watch Movie Trailer of “Armenia, My Love” here

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