Dersim-Armenian family decides to move to Armenia

Dersim-Armenian family decides to move to Armenia –

ARMENPRESS. Founder of “Union of Dersim Armenians” Mihran Savior and his wife Karin Gyultekin plan to move and settle in Armenia. Tor the purpose, they will apply for Armenian citizenship today, on March 2.

In an interview with “Armenpress” Karin, who was baptized in Germany 3 years ago and converted to Christianity, explained their reasons to make such a decision. “We live in a country where we were massacred, forced to accept a religion that is alien for us. We do not wish to live in Turkey.

After this interview I and Mihran will apply for citizenship”, she said. Karin told how they were continuously targeted in Turkey. Even when they were still Muslims, everybody pointed at them saying “Look, she is Armenian”.

After being baptized she had to relinquish her job in a restaurant where she used to work for 15 years as they said they are not going to “eat from the hands of a gavur (non-Muslim)”. “What is the difference? You are Muslim and I am Christian. I do not want to live an enforced life. I want to be saved from all these”, Karin mentioned with great anxiety.

Karin and Mihran have two sons who hail the decision of their parents to move to Armenia. “Both of my sons are baptized. One of them now studies in Germany and the other one is a journalist. Both call me and often say “mother, do what you want, do not be afraid”.

I finally made up my mind to do that”, Karin said. The day before she, accompanied by her family members, visited Armenian Genocide memorial complex and museum. It was difficult for Karin to speak, saying, “it is impossible to display the grief or talk about it. Of course, we knew about the genocide, we had read and seen much. My mother used to tell about the massacres… The grief cannot be forgotten. It is the only thing that cannot be swiped away from one’s memory”.

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