Two Armenians elected to Iranian parliament

Two Armenians elected to Iranian parliament –


ARMENPRESS – According to preliminary data, 2 Armenians have been elected as members of the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Karen Khanlarian and Zhorzh Abrahamyan. In an interview with “Armenpress” Karen Khanlarian informed that Armenian voters participated in the elections in the Northern and Southern electoral districts.

“There were 3 candidates in the Southern electoral district. 2 of them withdrew as a result of which Zhorzh Abrahamyan was elected. According to preliminary data, the number of participants of the election was 2300. Initially, there were 6 candidates in the Northern electoral district. Later 3 of them withdrew. The competition went on among 3 candidates. The overall number of voters in the north was 12 thousand. I was elected with 73% of votes”, he mentioned.

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